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ABIM School of Management gives an widespread variety of vocation reasonable to individual understudies since we are submitted with global instruction area’s in abroad like USA, France, Canada, Australia, UAE furthermore have tie-up with universal situation offices and overall Human Resource Managers. Our own arrangement cell manages every understudy with extraordinary exertion and consideration to take care of business their profession.

We place our students at various sector’s like:

– Airline and railway travel

– Hotels

– Conferences and convention center

– Travel agencies

– Tourist offices and Ministry of Tourism

– Tour operators

– Spa and wellness center

– Cruise companies

– Event Management

– Casinos

– Catering Companies

– Bar and private clubs

– concert and theatre venues

– Museum and other cultural venues

– Theme parks

– Fitness club and sports organizations

-Real estate management companies

– Manufacturers and suppliers of Hospitality equipments

– Banking sector

– Retail sector

– Information Technology companies

– Hospitals

– BPO ( International Process)

– Multinational companies