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About Us

Welcome to ABIM one of the prime hotel management college in Kolkata, we are an institute dedicated to nurturing and helping students who are willing to learn the fine craft of hospitality Our faculty is dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our students through dynamic programs, the institute has held impeccable standards for providing quality education, high job placement across the hotel management world and producing hardworking leaders than can run and manage a hotel, we are committed in giving the students proper learning of what goes on inside those luxury hotels how it functions on a daily basis . Our faculty can and will make you bright and be ready for the demanding job that will push you in becoming a notable person in your field, but we advise you to stay positive and always be eager to learn new things, we believe that knowledge and skill go hand in hand… we will aspire you to better your lifestyle and enhance your capabilities.

Now you must have a lot of question in your head after completing the course where will I land? Then fear not we have that answer, our placement scene is well reputed you could see yourself working in a 5 star hotel or maybe an airline maybe in a luxury cruise line and yes in in this industry traveling is a must, everyone is a traveller by heart, as we all know hotel management is quite lucrative.We welcome you into our hearts and hope you start this educational journey with an avid interest.